Lean Machine-An Overview


If you have decided to get back in shape and you want to do it as quickly, safely, and painlessly as possible, you are in a good place. Without a doubt, working with a personal trainer is the fastest, safest, and most effective way to get in shape. Whether you are getting in top shape for the first time, or getting back to your ‘fighting weight’ from your college days, a personal trainer will make the process fast and easy.

Best of all, you will never have to figure out what all that equipment does (and you will avoid getting hurt using it the wrong way) and your workouts will be private one-on-one sessions full of encouragement and significant progress. Ross Jackson, a personal trainer in Glasgow is the owner of Lean Machine Personal Training which is all about a no-nonsense approach to exercise and nutrition, cutting through the BS and making getting into awesome shape as simple as possible.

When you chose Lean Machine, you get an initial one hour of consultation on what exactly you want to achieve. Exercises that best suits you and nutritional support is also discussed at length. Instructional videos containing workouts with PT sessions will accompany the sessions. A typical training session involves Foam rolling which helps to release muscle tightness or trigger points. This is followed by the Warming up session and then Strength Training which is a vital part of the program which helps build muscle and help to look ripped and lean.

The final session is the Conditioning which can involve boxing, sledgehammers, sprinting, sled drags, battling ropes and medicine balls. Ross Jackson also provides online training and can help you when you need expert guidance. Your decision to get fit again is a wise one, and one that will lead you to a longer life and more enjoyable days on this Earth. So waste no time and visit leanmachinept.co.uk to know more.